R Brad Lawrence ‘69: Kappa Sigma made a positive contribution to my formative years

R. Brad Lawrence ‘69 (rblaw07@gmail.com) says that he decided to join Kappa Sigma because he found the group to be “a diverse group of young men who enjoyed the college experience. They had a nice mix of fun and responsibility.”

He says that he quickly knew that he’d made the right decision. “There was such an openness to a diverse group of young men from all walks of life,” he remembers. “It didn’t seem to matter if rich or poor or your background or academic credentials. All seemed to be welcome.”

He says that his best memories of the house were “opportunity to serve the entire fraternity system as a member of the campus wide IFC (Interfraternity Council) and involvement in Spring Week festivities.”

Lawrence says that Kappa Sigma made an impact on his life long after graduation. “No doubt, the biggest influence was the opportunity to take on leadership roles at a young age which served me well when it came time to join the business world.”

Today, giving back is important to him. “I appreciate the positive contribution my time as a Kappa Sigma member made during the very formative college years. I enjoy demonstrating my loyalty and appreciation by paying it forward.”

“The future of Alpha Delta Kappa Sigma is uncertain. A fiscally strong organization gives us the best opportunity to revive the chapter at Penn State and create a legacy for future members.”

“I hope all the Alpha Delta alumni will be motivated to join a capital campaign to build a first-class facility that will rejuvenate the chapter in State College.”

Without Kappa Sigma, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the degree of business success or made close friends (brothers) with so many outstanding citizens.